Zespół Szkół Plastycznych
Liceum Plastyczne
polish version

School of Fine Arts in Wrocław

School of Fine Arts consists of two self-contained art schools. The first of them called Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Sztuk Pięknych is a six-year-long school educating at both "gimnazjum" and "post-gimnazjum" levels (starting at the age of 13 till the age of 19). The second school is "Liceum Plastyczne" which is a four-year-long school educating at "post-gimnazjum" level (starting with the age of 16 till the age of 19). Both schools are not Universities.

Comprehensive training does not depart from the education programme proposed in other "gimnazja" and secondary schools. It is based on the Ministry of National Education syllabus and includes all compulsory subjects. At the end of the education in both schools students may take the "Matura exam"( roughly equivalent to British A-levels examination and quite similar to French baccalaureat), which is necessary to study at University.

Artistic training, based on the Ministry of Culture programmes, comprises: Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Design, Graphics, Jewellery, Photography, History of Art. Artistic education is supplemented by yearly plein-air workshops in Poland and abroad, trips abroad connected with history of art, visits to museums, galleries, organising exhibitions.

The school offers three specialisations: Design, Jewellery, Graphics. Having positively passed a diploma exam graduates are granted the title of an artist. The graduates of our school eagerly continue their education at Academies of Fine Art in Poland and abroad. They also study Architecture, Garden design, History of Art, Culture, Foreign languages.

School of Fine Arts is a state school therefore no fees are paid by the students.

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